Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Today some of us wrote about 
the new classrooms......
I saw the truck move the classrooms.

The new classrooms are up on the top.
I am looking at the truck 
lifting the classrooms
There were new classrooms.
The big trucks were bringing the new classrooms.
The trucks lifted the new classrooms.
The big trucks lifted the new classrooms 

up and down.
The big trucks went front and back.
The big truck is moving the 
Today there were 2 new classrooms.
We are happy.
The man is clever and lifted it up.
There are some new classrooms.
There are 2 new classrooms.
They are up in Rimu.
They got lifted up by trucks.
The new classrooms arrived very early this morning. They were already outside Rimu when Mrs Foster arrived at 7.00 am.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stage 1
Getting ready for the arrival of the new classrooms.
We needed to move Rata 7....

 Tomorrow the new classrooms are arriving, weather permitting. 
Be careful and safe as you arrive at school tomorrow morning.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Today at M.O.O.T Ian's Dad 
(Mr Mason) came and taught us how to make our very own battery......

Congratulations Jacob, Tessa and Joseph
who received certificates for showing
perseverance and not giving up
when making their battery.

Click on the medals to see how many medals have been won at Rio 2016

How many medals has New Zealand won?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rata Tahi Olympics

Rata Tahi Olympics

 Boys Sprint

Girls Sprint

Girls Shotput

Boys Shotput

Boys Rhythmic Gymnastics

Girls Rhythmic Gymnastics

Girls Long Jump

Boys Long Jump

We are all
Olympic Champions!!

Olympic Pictograms
Today we sorted the 
Olympic Pictograms
into groups.

These are the ways in which
we grouped the pictograms.
*biking/ cycling
*throwing a ball
*in a pool 
*they hit a target
*they use a ball 
*they are all games
*these are water sports
*they all need a ball
*you have to run to play these sports
*they both have a stick and 
you hit the ball in a hole