Thursday, May 26, 2016

Today we sorted lots of pictures...

Our question was....
Is it a solid?
Is it a liquid?
Is it a gas?

Is paper a solid,liquid or gas? 

Is it a solid, liquid or gas?

Is juice a solid, liquid or gas? 
It is a liquid. 

Is ice a solid, liquid or gas?

It is a solid but when it melts
it is a liquid.

WE know....

·       Solids stay in one place and can be held.
·       Solids keep their shape. They do not flow like liquids.
·       Solids always take up the same amount of space. They do not spread out like gases.
·       Solids can be cut or shaped.

Liquids can flow or be poured easily. They are not easy to hold.

Liquids change their shape depending on the container they are in.

·       Gases are often invisible.
·       Gases do not keep their shape or always take up the same amount of space. 
  • They spread out and change their shape to fill up whatever container they are in.

·       Gases can be squashed.

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