Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Inquiry - Science and Technology 
How Does Your Garden Grow?
The quality of our environment is important to our sense of well-being
The more we can improve and respect our environment, the more benefits we create for all living things.
Innovative and enterprising ideas can be applied to improve our environment

How can we transform an untidy/unused area in the school environment into an attractive garden space?
What materials, resources and plants are best suited for my project?
What materials can we recycle to make a plant ornament?

To develop an understanding of what plants need to survive and grow effectively

Students will explore the benefits and potential of different types of plants for a particular environment. Consider companion planting also.

To design, plan and plant or construct an item to enhance an area within the school environment. This could be for a garden area or other mini project around the school.

Today we planted our own little garden. 
We talked about what plants need to grow.
Now we wait.......
Watch this space.....

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